In today’s world there are tons of different apps and wearable devices to choose from designed to track your activity and calories burned throughout the day. Whether it’s a Fitbit, Apple watch or other, there are a number of fitness tracker choices on the market and the options can be overwhelming. Since we understand that it… Continue Reading ›

Nobody likes pain, but in a way pain can help us. Pain can alert you that there is something wrong with your body, prompting a doctor or hospital visit that can provide medical diagnosis, treatment recommendations, and possibly relief from the pain. Unfortunately for some people there is no relief from the pain. People suffering… Continue Reading ›

In today’s fast paced world the effects of stress is having a huge impact on people’s physical and mental health. The lifestyle of a high paced schedule of rushing around from work to school and social activities with family and friends often carries over to our exercise habits too; this can really take a toll… Continue Reading ›

Introduction With summer approaching people are searching for ways to achieve the bikini body so many of us seem to be on a mission for, in particular those sometimes elusive flat abs. But fear not, you can achieve flat abs in time for your summer beach strolls with just a little time and effort on… Continue Reading ›

A small weight loss study conducted by the U.S. National Institutes of Health has been studying the effects of using electrical stimulation of the brain as an intervention treatment for obesity. The study monitored the eating behaviors of study participants after stimulating the left prefrontal cortex of the subject’s brains. Researchers found that the prefrontal… Continue Reading ›