In the Heart of Dixie, Americans face exorbitant taxes. Alabama is the only state to levy income tax against families earning just 25 percent of the poverty limit. After nearly a century of preference for the Democratic party, Alabamians have overwhelmingly chosen Republican state officials since the mid-1980s. This deep red state did not elect… Continue Reading ›

Residents in rural parts of The Last Frontier face extremely high costs for consumer goods compared to the rest of the country. Despite entering the union as a Democratic state, Alaska leans right and has traditionally supported Republican candidates for public office, particularly the presidency. The largest state by area and one of the lowest… Continue Reading ›

Arizona is typically considered a rightwing state, and Republican candidates usually take the state in presidential elections, including the 2016 election. Even still, Arizona is not a politically homogeneous state. While the area surrounding Phoenix leans Republican, the city itself has a tendency to vote Democrat. Pima County, which includes the city of Tucson, also… Continue Reading ›

Owing as much to history as its position in the South, Arkansas has remained red in presidential contests aside from southerners Carter and Clinton. The state hovers near the middle in terms of both size and population. It’s the 33rd most populous and 29th largest state in the United States. Large economic sectors of the… Continue Reading ›

The Mid-Atlantic state of Delaware is the second smallest by area, divided into just three counties, fewer counties than even smaller Rhode Island has. Yet Delaware has the nation’s sixth-highest population density. The first state to ratify the Constitution traditionally votes for the Democratic presidential candidate. In 2008 and 2012, former President Obama easily won… Continue Reading ›

Republican president Abraham Lincoln hailed from Illinois, but these days, the state’s votes typically go to Democratic candidates. Chicago-area voters are particularly likely to support Democrats. Downstate voters often lean toward Republican candidates, but Chicago’s influence carries the state. Illinois stood behind former President Obama’s Affordable Care Act and was one of the first states… Continue Reading ›

With its sugar-sand beaches, stunning volcanoes and warm tropical climate, the Aloha State’s economy is largely supported by tourism. Hawaii is the only state located in Oceania and is sometimes referred to as “the most liberal state in the country.” Its four congressional seats are dominated by Democrats, and Hawaiian voters have supported Democratic presidential… Continue Reading ›

Hawkeye state farmers continue to struggle as crop prices have been falling by as much as 55 percent. The political climate in Iowa also suffers from uncertainty, with voters who had voted Democrat in every presidential race since 1988 choosing the Republican candidate in 2016. Displaying similar conflicting viewpoints, Iowa first challenged and then supported… Continue Reading ›

Although electoral votes in Michigan went to Democrats in all presidential elections from 1992 to 2012, the state participated in the lawsuit that challenged the Affordable Care Act. Despite this, they did opt to expand Medicaid according to ACA guidelines. Enrollment through the Years Michigan residents enroll in individual health plans through the federal marketplace…. Continue Reading ›

Missouri has been something of a political marvel over the last century or so, managing to vote for every winning presidential candidate since 1904 with three exceptions, regardless of political affiliation. Despite its status as a bellwether state, Missouri has shifted right in recent elections, transforming from “purple” to red. The Show Me State didn’t… Continue Reading ›