Why is Health Insurance so Complicated and How Can HealthNetwork Make things Easier?

Since the first Open Enrollment Period in 2014, every American who is not already insured must enroll in health insurance or face a penalty when they file their annual federal income taxes.

HealthNetwork helps you learn different health insurance concepts and verbiage so that you can understand what is required of both you and your health insurance provider under the new law.

With HealthNetwork You Are In Control Of How You Obtain Coverage:

  • Over the phone with a broker or local agent
  • Online through an insurance carrier or broker
  • In person with your local health insurance agent

We will also help you determine if you are eligible for a subsidy and provide you with access to agents who will make sure you receive the maximum subsidy.


HealthNetwork has helped over 15 million Americans research their healthcare options. At no point have we ever asked those consumers for sensitive, personal and private data and any information that was requested is respected and securely protected. We do not resell your data and we do not allow our health insurance partners to do so either.


one to one


one to one

HealthNetwork cares about your health. We want to make the entire healthcare process easier and more convenient: Whether its access to critical health related information, understanding the Affordable Care Act, learning how to have a healthier lifestyle, or knowing the best agents and brokers in your area, we want to help.


We do not ask or collect personal and sensitive information about our customers, and we have adopted the government’s standards for protecting the consumer information that we do request. This is entirely optional and is just another way that we show our customers that we care.

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We understand that getting a barrage of random solicitations via email is not a good thing. So that is why we have very strict controls in place to ensure that you and your email are not overwhelmed.

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We only partner with companies that share our values: to deliver service from a customer-first point of view.

about us

HealthNetwork is a different type of healthcare company. We are not insurance brokers or health insurance agents. We are the person in between the consumer and the insurance company that makes sure the consumer is being protected and respected. We work everyday to put the consumer first and will only introduce our consumers to insurance brokers, agents and carriers that will strictly comply with our standards.

Health insurance is a new concept for many people in America and we want our consumers to focus on the task of finding the right health insurance plan and not having to worry about whether the person on the other end is working in your best interest, because we have already done that for you.

Why are we doing this? Well, the reason is quite simple, “Because People Matter™.”

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PUBLISHERS: We can help publishers grow their business the old-fashioned way: Through happy customers telling their friends and family about your service, because you’re making the process of obtaining healthcare remarkably helpful and easy.

ADVERTISERS: It’s not a coincidence that we’re the fastest growing company in healthcare marketing. We have the highest conversions in the industry and we’re not talking about just leads, but real sales with a consumer experience that actually gives you the ability to retain that client indefinitely.

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