What's Wrong With Health Insurance?

There is nothing wrong with health insurance as it’s improving the lives of millions of people and agents are working hard to help them obtain it for a better quality of life. However many companies don’t respect consumer privacy or the consumer experience and there is rampant abuse of consumer data within the health insurance industry. Lead generation networks and marketers sacrifice consumer experience in order to be able to resell a consumers personal contact information as many times as possible. These practices have to end today.

Health Network is working to bring the consumer and the health insurance agent together in such a way where the end result is a positive one. One where the consumer feels they’ve been treated with respect and consideration, and the health insurance agent feels that they’ve got a client who will recommend them to their peers. People doing right by one another, it might be antiquated concept, but at Health Network, it’s the only way we want to do business. 


Over the last 12 months we’ve helped over 15 million Americans research their healthcare options without compromising our integrity. We respect consumer privacy and we don’t allow any of our partners to use abusive or aggressive methods when contacting our consumers who rely on us. We’re 100% focused on improving the consumer experience and helping individuals obtain healthcare to improve their lives.

one to one


one to one

Consumers that visit one of the many Health Network websites are in control of their own destiny. We can help you obtain healthcare online, over the phone or in person and we’ll ensure that your personal data and your time is respected.


We’ve exceed the government’s standards for protecting consumer data even though we don’t collect any sensitive information about our customers. This is entirely optional and it’s just another way that we show our customers that we care.

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We understand that getting a barrage of random solicitations via email is not a good thing. So that is why we have very strict controls in place to ensure that you and your email are not overwhelmed.

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We only partner with companies that share our values: to deliver service from a customer-first point of view.

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Health Network is a different kind of healthcare marketing company. While much of what we do is directly at odds with the methods of traditional companies in the industry, we believe that this is a good thing. It without question makes us a target for criticism by our competition who do not place the same priority on the consumer experience as we do. We’re okay with that.

What we believe, is that healthcare is far too important for us to conduct business in any way that falls short of placing the consumer first. When our competitors resell consumer data without restraint, and do not provide an amazing experience, they are quite literally chipping away at the probability of someone obtaining healthcare and improving their life.

We refuse to be one “those companies” that just doesn’t care enough about people to do the right thing every day. Our goal, aside from continuing to help millions of people each year obtain healthcare, is to prove that you can be a hugely successful company and yet still do right thing for your customers. If it means that some other companies get crushed by our incredible consumer experience, we’re okay with that too.

Why are we doing this? Well, the reason is quite simple, “Because People Matter.”

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PUBLISHERS: Do you want consumers to actually come back to your website? Do you want them to tell their friends and family about it because the process of obtaining healthcare was remarkably easy? Then you should only be working with us. We’re always interested in working with publishers that care about the consumer and in developing longer-term, repeat business with them.

ADVERTISERS: It’s not a coincidence that we’re the fastest growing company in healthcare marketing. We have the highest conversions in the industry and we’re not talking about just leads, but real sales with a consumer experience that actually gives you the ability to retain that client indefinitely.

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