Dental Insurance Plans

Standalone Coverage

No health insurance plan required

No Maximum Age Limit

Great for Medicare individuals

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No medical underwriting required

Preventive Care Covered

No deductible or waiting periods

Dental Insurance

Annual or bi-annual dental cleanings and x-rays can get expensive for a family and if you need some sort of basic dental service like a filling or extraction or something even worse like a root canal or a crown, the bill can go over a thousand dollars unless you have a good dental plan in place. Keeping your mouth healthy is as important as getting a regular physical. There are a number of different levels of dental plans that offer different waiting period lengths and deductibles, so you can certainly find a plan that fits within your monthly budget.

Dental Plans Include

Routine Cleanings+Exams


Fillings=30 Day Wait

Root Canals=60 Day Wait

As of 2016, about 67% of Americans had a dental plan in place.

If you're part of the other third that doesn't, then it may be worth considering. Dental insurance covers preventive care, some minor dental services and specific major dental work. You might think that covering the cost of a standard cleaning on your own would be less expensive, and you might be right. But true preventive care – twice-annual cleanings and yearly X-rays, for instance – goes a long way toward preventing major health problems down the road. By putting dental insurance in place, you’ll save money over time, especially if your dentist discovers a serious problem that requires extensive work or surgery.

You can buy a dental plan on its own no matter how old you are, even if you don't have health insurance. Major medical policies, including Medicare, usually don't cover dental care. Most plans follow a 100-80-50 rule, meaning 100 percent coverage for preventive services, 80 percent for minor work, like fillings, and 50 percent for more invasive care, such as crowns or bridges.

Ty Branson
"I spend less on my dental plan every month than I do on coffee. It's a no brainer for me. I get to keep my smile healthy and am protected if I ever need dental repair work done."
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