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The Affordable Care ActThis is the shortened, official name of the HR 3590, which is the bill that was signed into law on March 23, 2010 that made it a law to have health insurance coverage that meets the minimum requirements imposed by the law. The Affordable Care Act is also shortened to be referred to as the ACA. The Affordable Care Act is not a health insurance policy or company, but is rather the law that reforms healthcare in America and requires all Americans who are not otherwise insured or exempt from the law to get health insurance that meets the requirements of the law. allows the federal government to pay some of your insurance bill with subsidies.This is the financial assistance provided by the federal government to Americans who obtain health insurance through the federal marketplace on Some states who have their own state exchange also offer their citizens subsidies to help pay for their monthly premiums. In order to be eligible for a subsidy from the federal government, a person or family must earn between 100% and 400% of the Federal Poverty Level. In 2021, consumers who enrolled in a plan through the Marketplace received an average subsidy of $486 per month.


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We’re a different kind of healthcare company. We prohibit the practices of many other companies that resell your personal information to abusive marketers to maximize their profits. Instead, we built the company around you, with core values and principles that place consumers first. We’re 100% focused on improving your experience and helping you obtain the healthcare you need, at a price you can afford. Because People Matter™

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18 Million Strong

18 Million Strong

We are the leading, independent health insurance marketplace and the smartest way to comparison shop for health insurance, used by over 18 million people annually. We have a majority of the plans from; many of the state exchanges; and offer private marketplace plans.

Privacy Protection

Privacy Protection

Your experience with HealthNetwork will be hassle free. No unwanted sales calls with strict privacy measures, which ensures that your personal information is not sold or shared with any outside parties.

Partner Verification

Code of Conduct

Every HealthNetwork partner must comply with its strict professional standards and the HealthNetwork Code of Conduct, which defines and dictates how our partners must treat consumers and mandates that they may not resell anyone’s information. Learn More ›

Built on Integrity

Built on Integrity

100% unbiased plan information. We are not a broker, which means that we can provide you complete transparency of all plans available in your location. We also prohibit our agent partners from contacting you outside of your preferred times and days, which means that when you do have a conversation about your healthcare options with our helpful and knowledgable partners, it’s at a time that is convenient to you.

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Average monthly tax credit in 2017 for Morrow County, Ohio residents with a household income less than $50,00 per year.





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