If you’re someone who struggles with anxiety or depression, you’ve probably had countless well-meaning people tell you that you’d feel better if you’d just improve your diet and get more exercise. While both healthy eating and fitness activities can improve mood, they’re not the only tools that you can use for addressing your mental health… Continue Reading ›

More than 700,000 Americans will suffer a heart attack this year. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the majority of heart attack sufferers will experience this situation for the first time while 210,000 of them will have already gone through a cardiovascular episode. All in all, heart disease claims the lives… Continue Reading ›

When you apply for coverage through an Affordable Care Act (ACA or Obamacare) health insurance marketplace, you’re required to provide an estimate of the coming year’s income. If you’re a salaried employee who brings home the same amount of money in each paycheck, that’s a straightforward request. But if you’re a self-employed person whose income… Continue Reading ›

Heart attacks don’t always start with the sharp chest pain that you see on TV or in movies. Studies have shown up to a third of people who’ve had heart attacks had no chest pain at all. Knowing how to recognize the symptoms of a heart attack as they’re happening could save your life, but… Continue Reading ›

There are a lot of myths surrounding vaccines. You may have heard that vaccines aren’t necessary, that they’ll overwhelm a small child’s system, that they don’t keep illnesses away or even that they cause autism. You might even believe that vaccines aren’t safe or that they contain toxic chemicals that could harm your child. Let’s… Continue Reading ›

Social drinking is such a routine part of many people’s lives that they give it little thought, but that may be a mistake. Some of the latest research suggests risks vary depending on factors like age, health and other habits. A recent study from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) says long-term drinking changes energy… Continue Reading ›

In 1988, an award-winning movie starring Dustin Hoffman made the American people aware of autism, but it also created one of the biggest myths surrounding the condition. Rain Man was the story of an autistic savant, a man who struggled with the limits of autistic behaviors while having a genius’s ability to calculate numbers. Only… Continue Reading ›

With the individual mandate provision of the Affordable Care Act coming to an end next year, short term health insurance plans are being marketed as Obamacare alternatives, and one particular marketing effort recently reported by Rhode Island Public Radio shows that these plans could potentially be presented in misleading ways. In July, the Rhode Island… Continue Reading ›

The Trump administration announced in mid-July that it would reduce funding for Healthcare.gov navigators this fall and encourage them to guide enrollees toward short term healthcare policies. Navigators were implemented as part of the ACA to help consumers purchase products in the public exchange. Nonprofit organizations received federal grants to hire people that helped guide… Continue Reading ›