Left-handed people die sooner than their righty counterparts, correct? Nope, not so fast! Luckily for all the lefties out there, current research is busting the myth that left-handers are doomed to earlier deaths. There are fewer lefties among older generations because, in the not-so-distant past, kids were chastised for using their left hands. And while… Continue Reading ›

Accidents happen. You take a tumble down the stairs late at night, your kids get a bad bug bite while playing in the woods, or an ambitious kitchen concoction gets the better of you.  From twisted ankles to deeper-than-expected cuts, life presents a wide assortment of challenges from time to time. While you can’t stop… Continue Reading ›

As the school year winds down, the weather warms up and the end of the last year’s health crisis looms ever more brightly on the horizon, Americans are starting to look forward to possible vacations. If you’re among those looking forward to a more typical summer this year, then you’re not alone. For lots of… Continue Reading ›

You’ve heard the expression “Happy wife, happy life,” right? Although it sounds a little silly — and maybe more than a little sexist — there’s actually some truth to the idea behind it. People with happy spouses, in fact, tend to live longer.  If you want to extend your years, science says that you should… Continue Reading ›

Becoming a parent is a huge milestone. And while it’s a joyous occasion, it can also leave you feeling flipped upside down. All of a sudden, your sleep schedule gets thrown for a loop. Your social life gets replaced with late-night feedings and endless diaper changes.  And if you were the one to carry the… Continue Reading ›

You are what you eat, right?  Well, actually, yeah — to some extent, anyway. It turns out there’s quite a connection between how you fuel your body and how your brain works. That means the right diet could help support your mental wellness. On the flip side, some foods can make it harder to shake… Continue Reading ›

May is Older Americans Month. And for 2021, the Administration for Community Living has chosen “Communities of Strength” as the theme. If you’re a senior with a strong community around you, then you may feel right at home with this theme. Not everyone is so lucky, though.  Among Americans ages 65 and up, around a… Continue Reading ›

You’ve just left your doctor’s office, and the news isn’t great. Or it’s not so bad, but you’re not sure. You feel unsettled, confused — maybe even like you disagree with the doctor. But she’s a doctor. She knows what she’s talking about. Right? While you could take a deep breath and convince yourself to… Continue Reading ›

For some people, allergies are a manageable nuisance. You take a daily over-the-counter drug and go about your business.  But for others, allergies can take a huge toll, impacting everything from day-to-day activities to overall quality of life. You might struggle to even step outside in the spring, for instance, or have a hard time… Continue Reading ›

You want your kids to be healthy and happy, but mental health problems can derail those goals. While you may not be able to protect your kids entirely from anxiety and depression, there are steps you can take to guard your kids’ minds.  First things first, learn to recognize troubling symptoms and seek help when… Continue Reading ›