Your calendar says it’s time for the yearly trek to the pediatrician. You might be tempted to reschedule, especially with everything going on these days. But before you call to shift that appointment to another date, know that these annual checkups are important.  In fact, well visits are an essential health benefit under the Affordable… Continue Reading ›

Breastfeeding is a natural, beautiful thing that promotes mother-baby bonding and gives your child a great start in the world of nutrition. It’s also incredibly challenging.  Breast might be best, but that doesn’t make it easy. Lots of women struggle to simply feed their babies. If you’ve been feeling frustrated — or worse, like a… Continue Reading ›

Hurricane-level tantrums at the grocery store. Total meltdowns over the wrong cereal bowl color. Wrestling with siblings. Intentional swipes at the family pet. Normal kid stuff, right? Most likely. But what happens when your kiddo doesn’t outgrow his terrible twos or the “threenager” phase of early childhood?  Is your child’s willful disobedience really willful, or… Continue Reading ›

Your scars tell the story of you — your first fall off a bike, the time you broke your wrist jumping from a chair, medical mishaps, illnesses and more.  And while plenty of people proudly display their bumps and bruises, not everyone wants a constant visual reminder of painful memories. Perhaps you’re looking for a… Continue Reading ›

On July 17, a federal appeals court ruled that the Trump administration could expand the limit on short term health insurance plans, a move that had already taken effect in late 2018. These temporary health plans, labeled “junk” by critics, offer coverage for people in transition. But they don’t cover the same benefits as comprehensive… Continue Reading ›

The great outdoors is calling!  Unfortunately, so are the bugs.  For safer, itch-free outdoor activities, you need an effective insect repellent. But that huge selection of sprays on the market can make your head swim. Should you stick with the conventional bug sprays you grew up with or make the shift to a more natural… Continue Reading ›

Soaking up some rays as you lounge in a beach chair is a quintessential summer activity. The more we learn about UV safety, though, the more that sun-soaked lounge session seems like a bad idea. But there’s no need to scrap all your outdoor fun over fears about sun exposure. By learning to balance UV… Continue Reading ›

If you have TRICARE benefits and you’re turning 65 soon, you might be wondering how your current coverage works with Medicare. Are they compatible? Who pays first? And what about Medicare Advantage? You might also get stacks of mailers as your 65th birthday approaches, trying to sell you on the idea of Medicare Advantage. These… Continue Reading ›

When you give something away to people in need or lend a hand in general, you feel good. Really good. Why is that? Some people refer to this effect as the “helper’s high.” Doing good in the world makes you feel good, which makes you want to keep doing it. In other words, when you… Continue Reading ›

In a normal year, you might be counting down the days until your summer vacation. But this is no normal year. That said, you might still be trying to decide whether it’s worth it to head out of town for some much-needed R&R. And if you have to travel for work or other reasons, you… Continue Reading ›