As Stress Awareness Month, April is a great time to explore new methods for alleviating worry and tension. Perhaps you think you’ve already tried all of the stress-relievers out there, to no avail.  Think again. Along with exercise and mediation, sometimes you need an out-of-the-box idea to ease your mind and relax your body. Try… Continue Reading ›

Over 6.6 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits last week, shattering previous records and plunging the economy into deeper chaos. And while the country battles a novel virus, millions of people now face the prospect of illness without any healthcare coverage What should you do if you’re among the millions of jobless Americans and you’ve… Continue Reading ›

As America grapples with a viral pandemic, the stress of social distancing and a floundering economy, millions of people have something else to worry about: Does health insurance cover coronavirus testing? And if you have COVID-19, will your insurance pay for treatment? These are valid questions. The world has been through pandemics before, but it’s… Continue Reading ›

Night in and night out, your pillow is there for you. Are you showing it as much love as it shows you? If not, now’s the time to turn things around. Your pillows need a good, thorough cleaning two or three times a year and regular maintenance throughout. And it’s not just because of oily… Continue Reading ›

Today marks the 10th anniversary of when the Affordable Care Act became law. Also known as the ACA or “Obamacare,” the Affordable Care Act changed the landscape of the American healthcare system. For better or worse? That’s still a debate. In fact, even now, as we recognize the ACA’s 10th anniversary, the law itself is… Continue Reading ›

Don’t panic. Easier said than done, right? Over the last six weeks, the country has jumped from casually aware of the novel coronavirus in China to a state of barely suppressed panic. Even in towns without any active cases of COVID-19, grocery store shelves sit empty, ransacked by the frenzied masses trying to stock up… Continue Reading ›

More than 600,000 Americans are currently dealing with kidney failure. And if that’s not enough of a sobering stat, consider this: Kidney disease is the 9th leading cause of death in the U.S. Want to avoid this particular club? Be kind to your kidneys. The diseases that lead to kidney failure have a variety of… Continue Reading ›