Vaccines are arguably the most significant biomedical achievement over the past century. Millions of lives have been saved thanks to their development. The mortality rate for children has decreased significantly and many diseases have all but been eradicated. However, as much good as vaccines have brought, they have also brought fear, concern and other problems… Continue Reading ›

Whether it’s trying to unwind after a long day at the office, or seeking for an escape from a stressful situation, it’s important to find constructive ways to relax. Though many people’s first instinct is to pull out their phone for a quick pick-me-up, one study of smartphone use shows that overuse of your smartphone… Continue Reading ›

Two studies from January 2017 indicate that e-cigarettes are contributing to overall steady levels of tobacco use among Americans. One recent study looked at teen tobacco use, and another evaluated adult use. Researchers from both studies found evidence that e-cigarette use was in part responsible for the current rate of tobacco use in the group… Continue Reading ›

Depression is a common medical condition affecting an estimated 300 million people around the world. While some depression is mild and responsive to lifestyle changes, other forms are severe and serious, especially if left untreated. It’s normal to feel sad sometimes, particularly when you’re going through rough phases or helping others deal with their problems…. Continue Reading ›

CMS announced on January 11th that states may now impose a work requirement on all Medicaid recipients, a move that has been very popular amongst Republicans in Congress over the past couple of years. Medicaid is a state-run healthcare program for low income families. The threshold to receive Medicaid varies per state and the state… Continue Reading ›

Germs lurk everywhere, even in places where you least expect to find them. Your kitchen counter, for instance, likely has more germs on it than your trash can. The truth is humans tend to avoid things that they perceive as dirty and frequent places that they feel are clean and safe. Unfortunately, you can’t rely… Continue Reading ›

When the wedding is a distant memory and Netflix binges replace romantic nights out, you might feel as if your relationship with your spouse has fizzled into something unremarkable. And while there’s nothing wrong with being an old married couple, there is something to be said of giving up on romance altogether. Growing older doesn’t… Continue Reading ›

In America, major depression affects about 16 million adults each year, representing nearly 7% of the population. If you or someone you know has depression, you know that this mental health condition can leave you feeling empty, hopeless, irritable, sad or even anxious. Although depression can often develop for no apparent reason, there are several… Continue Reading ›

Though traditionally used to bridge gaps between major medical health insurance policies, short-term plans (STHPs) have grown in popularity over the last decade. For starters, these plans can fill a temporary lapse in major medical coverage, helping you offset costs of an accident or unexpected hospital stay. Others see reduced premiums as a particularly attractive… Continue Reading ›