Swimming pools are a summer staple — and for good reason. A dip in the pool offers a refreshing way to cool off and stay physically active. In the midst of summertime play, though, you have to balance fun and safety. Keeping a level head and treating the water with respect is essential for swimmers… Continue Reading ›

The kickoff to summer grilling season might look a little different this year thanks to the pandemic. But that doesn’t mean you have to forgo your cookouts altogether. You can still fire up the grill for your own family or a small gathering. Just keep social distancing and other precautions in mind. And if you’re… Continue Reading ›

You have a perfect bed with a great mattress and all the linen trimmings your heart desires. So why would you bother sleeping outside? It turns out that there are plenty of valid reasons to stretch out under the stars. That’s because sleeping outside offers a host of health benefits for your mind and body. … Continue Reading ›

You probably know that you need good sleep, but it may sometimes seem that your body doesn’t agree. Unfortunately, tossing and turning all night can lead to daytime problems like lack of focus, indecisiveness and poor emotional regulation. Chronic sleep troubles can also contribute to physical illnesses like heart disease and diabetes. If you’re struggling… Continue Reading ›

Nearly 20% of American adults experience a mental illness — that’s one out of every five adults. Even more telling, about half of adults (46.4%) in the U.S. will experience a mental illness at some point in their lives. And the stat isn’t much better for youth. Among kids aged 6 to 17, about 17%… Continue Reading ›

Spending more time online these days? You’re not the only one. Thanks in some part to widespread social distancing, we’re plugging in more often to work, play and feel less isolated. The New York Times analyzed traffic data and found that Facebook usage alone jumped 27% between January 15 and March 24. But our bump… Continue Reading ›

If it seems like every teenager has a smartphone glued to her hand these days, you’re not wrong. About 75% of teenagers today own a smartphone. That’s three out of every four teens with nearly unfettered access to the world wide web. Combined with time spent on streaming platforms, research for school and other digital… Continue Reading ›