In 1988, an award-winning movie starring Dustin Hoffman made the American people aware of autism, but it also created one of the biggest myths surrounding the condition. Rain Man was the story of an autistic savant, a man who struggled with the limits of autistic behaviors while having a genius’s ability to calculate numbers. Only… Continue Reading ›

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) completely changed the way Americans could buy health insurance. The ACA was created to try and guarantee affordable health insurance for every American, but the numbers show that the reality of the ACA is heading in a very different direction. In 2017, the average individual paid $393.00 per month for… Continue Reading ›

Children are resilient, but this doesn’t mean that safety precautions shouldn’t be taken to protect them from preventable injuries. Eye injuries are among the most common in school-aged children because this is the time in their life when they’re most active and curious. As a parent, coach, educator or guardian, it’s your job to help… Continue Reading ›

Although natural disasters often occur with little warning, they can pose major consequences to your health. Fortunately, there are measures you can take to minimize potential disaster-related health risks and maximize post-disaster recovery. The following tips can help preserve your health as much as possible before and after a natural disaster strikes. Health Issues at… Continue Reading ›

With the 2017 school year in swing for much of the country, there’s no time like the present to determine if your child needs glasses to correct his vision. Contrary to popular belief, glasses aren’t only for fixing nearsightedness and farsightedness. In fact, they can be used to correct a variety of vision issues. It’s… Continue Reading ›

What will you do when disaster strikes? Natural disasters are notoriously unpredictable, leaving destruction and death in their wake. While preventing a natural disaster isn’t always possible, preparing for a disaster is. Preparation can provide you with a plan and the means to ensure the safety of those you love. In honor of National Preparedness… Continue Reading ›

A recent series of natural disasters, ranging from earthquakes and wildfires to tropical storms and hurricanes, has taken over the media and thousands of peoples’ lives. In all the talk about preparing for a storm, however, one demographic remains largely unaddressed. Children handle disasters differently from adults, both physically and mentally. If you’re facing a… Continue Reading ›