18M+ users

Over 18 million annual shoppers have used HealthNetwork to find trusted information about their health coverage options.

17K plans

HealthNetwork connects users with over 17,000 insurance plans from top nationwide providers to choose from.

$27B saved

In 2016, Americans saved approximately $27 billion on their health insurance costs with the help of government subsidies.

Our Driving Force

We believe there’s a better way for Americans to find the right health insurance: Our mission is to create a more transparent health insurance ecosystem, by insisting on better business practices that benefit consumers. Our business is built on the premise that people will make the smartest decisions when given the right resources and choices. Because People Matter™

The opportunity to shape how health insurance works is in our hands.

Code of Conduct

We built HealthNetwork around you, with core values and principles in place that put consumers first. All of our agents and partners are held accountable to uphold these standards.

No Re-selling of Data

We are putting an end to the abusive practice of re-selling consumer data that is common in the insurance space in order to maximize revenue. We’re bringing a higher level of integrity and one-on-one customer relations to the sales experience – to make our customers happier.

Strict Privacy Protection

We protect our customers’ privacy by only asking for essential information. All communications are customer requested; unwanted solicitations are disallowed.

Independent & Unbiased

We promise to provide a completely transparent insurance marketplace: Plans are presented strictly based on the specific needs and budgets of our customers.

Happy Customers – For Life

We believe that putting people first isn’t just the right thing to do – it’s the right way to build our business. We are committed to creating lasting relationships for our own customers – and our partners’ customers.

Want to report a violation? If you spot a violation of our Code of Conduct by anyone in our organization or with any of our partners or Agents please contact us a legal@healthnetwork.com. We take all reports very seriously and will address those concerns quickly.