18M+ users

Over 18 million annual shoppers have used HealthNetwork to find trusted information about their health coverage options.

17K plans

HealthNetwork connects users with over 17,000 insurance plans from top nationwide providers to choose from.

$27B saved

In 2016, Americans will save approximately $27 billion dollars on their health insurance costs with the help of government subsidies.

The opportunity to shape how health insurance works is in our hands.

Say Hello to the Team at HealthNetwork

Chief Executive Officer

Jeremy Kayne

As Chief Executive Officer, Jeremy works closely with the team ensuring the company mission is fulfilled. With over 15 years experience in digital advertising and entrepreneurship Jeremy intends to innovate in the health care insurance space by leveraging big data and optimization technology.

Prior to HealthNetwork, Jeremy helped build Bidtellect, a leading Demand Side Platform (DSP) for paid content distribution. He served as their first Chief Product Officer, Chief Technology Officer (May 2014 through June 2017) and Chief Operating Officer (2011 until January 2014).

In addition, from 2000 to 2009, Jeremy helped build ShopLocal into a $75MM exit. ShopLocal is now part of TEGNA Digital. While at ShopLocal he helped develop SmartCatalog/SmartCircular and SmartMedia, which remain internet marketing tools for many large retailers, including Target, Best Buy, and others.

Jeremy holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Sciences from the University of Washington.

HealthNetwork Team Note: Jeremy's bio is missing humor, which does not compute, as he is a very funny person and seems to enjoy LOL's more than big data. For example, he once purchased a 2,000 sq. ft. bounce house off of the internet. When it was delivered, his two children were incredibly excited. Jeremy quickly informed them that their bounce house was arriving the following week. Jeremy celebrated his 40th birthday with a food fight amongst his closest friends and the ammo was pudding, sponge cake and blackberries.

General Counsel & Chief Operating Officer

Erika Sullivan

Erika is an attorney, licensed in both Florida and New Jersey and has focused on business law, complex contract litigation, disputes brought under the Uniform Domain Name Resolution Policy and other legal issues related to intellectual property, copyrights and trademarks. Erika's attention to details and intimate knowledge of the healthcare industry serves her well in her role with HealthNetwork. In true attorney fashion – Erika wouldn’t let us insert any humor into her bio because she didn’t want to compromise her street cred.

"Objection! Assumes facts not in evidence!" – Erika
Creative Director

Janna Gilleland

Janna has been a team leader or directly responsible for creating and reinforcing the creative direction and brand design for a number of companies and thankfully that list includes HealthNetwork. Janna's unique eye for design has earned her several awards during her career (and we have our fingers crossed that her amazing design skills will earn HealthNetwork an award too!) When Janna is not designing for HealthNetwork, she's also working on building out the front end to pixel perfection and penning very catchy copy. Janna always has a Diet Coke or cup of coffee within arm's reach and she is currently restoring a 1972 Ford – which you know is awesome.


Sean Sullivan

Sean has held leadership positions within the advertising industry in both traditional and online media since 2000. After his exit from traditional advertising, Sean focused on the Internet space and began consulting for companies within competitive intelligence. It was during this time that Sean founded two vertical marketing companies, including one in the tax space and the financial services industry. These business ventures allowed Sean to study, understand, design and develop a unique marketing philosophy that leverages the point at which consumer behavior and web-based marketing optimally intersect. Each venture was an education that unveiled further insight into the behavior and needs of consumers and ultimately played an important role in preparing Sean for the foundation of HealthNetwork, a company that first and foremost focuses on protecting the consumer experience. Sean enjoys boating and fishing, but because of genetics, must wear SPF 500 at all times, despite being a Florida native.

No Re-selling of Data

We are putting an end to the abusive practice of re-selling consumer data that is common in the insurance space in order to maximize revenue. We're bringing a higher level of integrity and one-on-one customer relations to the sales experience – to make our customers happier.

Strict Privacy Protection

We protect our customers' privacy by only asking for essential information. All communications are at the strict request of our customers; unwanted solicitations are disallowed.

Independent & Unbiased

We promise to provide a completely transparent insurance marketplace: Plans are presented strictly based on the specific individual needs and budgets of our customers.

Happy Customers – For Life

We believe that putting people first isn’t just the right thing to do - it's the right way to build our business. We are committed to creating lasting relationships for our own customers - and our partners’ customers.

Want to report a violation? If you spot a violation of our Code of Conduct by anyone in our organization or with any of our partners or Agents please contact us a legal@healthnetwork.com. We take all reports very seriously and will address those concerns quickly.