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Qualifying Life Event

Sometimes things happen in life that change your circumstances and effect your health insurance. If you experience one of the following life events you can enroll in a new health insurance plan right away. Remember, you only have sixty days from the date of the life event to enroll so don't delay and enroll today!

  • Change of IncomeIf your family's income recently increased or decreased you can enroll in a new plan and you may even be eligible for a subsidy too!
  • Moved LocationsYou moved to another state or ZIP Code and your health insurance plan is no longer offered in your area.
  • Lost Health CoverageYou lost your health insurance through your job, were dropped from COBRA, Medicaid or CHIP or lost coverage for some other reason.
  • No Longer a DependentYou are allowed to stay on your parent's health insruance plan until your 26th birthday. After that, it's time to shop for your own plan!
  • Change of Marriage StatusYou got married, divorced or are legally separated and are no longer on your spouse's health insurance plan.
  • New Family MemberYou recently had a baby, adopted or are fostering a child.
  • Gained Legal US CitizenshipYou have recently gained legal residency or citizenship in the U.S.
  • Open Enrollment ErrorsYou experienced a technical issue when trying to enroll for health insurance on a website.
  • Exceptional CircumstancesYou experienced a complex life event like being hospitalized, being the victim of a natural disaster or domestic abuse, or being misled by an agent or navigator when enrolling.

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