Technology has certainly become a part of our everyday lives; in fact people today often say they don’t think they could live without their Smartphones. An even further extension of technology was the creation of Smartphone apps, for which there seems to be an endless supply of apps for everything, even your health. Today you… Continue Reading ›

Two Main Reasons Primary Healthcare is Changing There are numerous factors that are prompting many new changes to the American healthcare system we once knew. Two of the main reasons these changes are occurring so rapidly are the advancements being made in health-related technology apps and the ever increasing shortage of U.S. primary care doctors,… Continue Reading ›

A couple in San Francisco had just married and soon after decided to create five embryos, the wife had just been diagnosed with breast cancer and feared chemotherapy treatments would make it impossible for her to have children. The wife survived the cancer, but sadly the marriage did not. Now, after the divorce the ex-wife… Continue Reading ›

Copper’s Antimicrobial Properties Used Since the Ancient Egyptians The medical community is well aware of the fact that the antibacterial properties of copper have been utilized for centuries. The ancient Egyptians used copper to sterilize their drinking water and kill bacteria in chest wounds. Likewise the Romans, Greeks and Aztecs followed suit and used the… Continue Reading ›

People today are making big changes in their eating and exercise regimens in order to live a healthier lifestyle and improve their physical and emotional well being. But you shouldn’t stop there, maintaining a healthy home environment is just as important as your diet and exercise regimen. If you’re asking yourself what a healthy home… Continue Reading ›