CMS Now Allows States to Require Medicaid Recipients to Work


January 11, 2018

CMS announced on January 11th that states may now impose a work requirement on all Medicaid recipients, a move that has been very popular amongst Republicans in Congress over the past couple of years. Medicaid is a state-run healthcare program for low income families. The threshold to receive Medicaid varies per state and the state does receiving some funding assistance from the federal government.

The new rule put out by CMS is designed to allow states to tell any”able-bodied, working-age” person who wants Medicaid benefits to have a job, be receiving skilled training, be in school, volunteering, being a caregiver or actively seeking a job. It’s uncertain how those conditions would be measured by the states and when a person has to demonstrate compliance, but it sounds like those issues would be left up to the state who imposed them in the first place.