Health Mistakes Men Make That Can Be Deadly

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January 13, 2016

Do You See Yourself Here?

When it comes to their health men are still generations behind. Be tough, be a man, ignore the pain and it will go away seems to be the strategy. And while men may have gotten to the place where they know its okay to cry, they still have to be pushed and prodded to go to the doctor when something is troubling their health.

The truth is that somewhere in the back of their head men do worry about their health and so they go to the gym, work out, run; they’ll do anything except go for regular check-ups with their doctor. This can be a deadly mistake. See if you recognize yourself in any of these “typical male” behaviors and perhaps consider making some changes.

Below are some very common health mistakes men should avoid:

  • Don’t Have a Relationship With Their Doctor – Typically men only go to the doctor when they have no other choice, an injury, need antibiotics, for a prescription refill. It is important to have a relationship with a primary care physician that gets to know you and your health, regular check-ups and an annual physical is vital for good health. Also knowing your family history and any possible predisposition to things such as stroke and heart attacks is important to know and discuss with your doctor. Know your risks so you can be more aware, don’t believe it won’t happen to you, it could. Be informed and know the signs.
  • Ignore Symptoms – Very often men will ignore symptoms until they become so bad they have no choice but to seek help. This can be deadly, many serious illnesses begin with mild symptoms and when caught early can be resolved or managed more easily. While on the other hand, ignoring them can lead to serious complications and even death in some instances. There is nothing unmanly in seeing your doctor at the first sign of a health symptom or problem. Its always better to be safe than sorry.
  • Hide or Bury Their Feelings – Men are less likely to talk about their feelings and sometimes look for a substitute release such as drinking too much. This is a dangerous way to handle your emotions; it can lead to alcohol abuse and typically makes the problem seem worse because alcohol is a depressant. Find a friend, clergy member or even a therapist to talk about your feelings with rather than seeking an unhealthy temporary release.
  • Engage in Risky Behavior – Whether it be sexual activities, driving fast, high adrenaline sports men are much more likely than women to engage in risky behavior with out considering the possible consequences. If this sounds like you recognize your impulsivity and try to weigh your choices and decisions before acting on them.
  • Discount The Seriousness of Symptoms – Just as an example, getting up more than twice a night to urinate may be an annoyance, but it could be a symptom of something more serious. Don’t discount symptoms, make an appointment with your doctor, early diagnosis may prove that it’s nothing serious, but delays in treatment can make any problem worse or even life threatening…
  • Won’t Seek Treatment Due to Embarrassment – Men suffering from erectile dysfunction for example often put off seeing a doctor because they are too embarrassed to talk about it. Erectile dysfunction can be a symptom of prostrate cancer and should be addressed as soon as you know it is an ongoing problem. Don’t let a moments uncomfortable topic stop you from getting what may be a life saving diagnosis. Prostrate cancer is common and easily cured when caught in its early stages.
  • Resist Dietary Changes – Men typically are not as conscious as women about what they are eating. They usually don’t count calories, salt, sugar, fat, preservatives and the like, they know what they like and that’s what they’re going to eat. Be kinder to your heart, kidneys and liver by watching what you eat … meat and potatoes are fine on some days, but don’t forget to balance out your plate with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit to live longer and in good health. Changing your eating habits can be a tasty good thing!