Letter from HealthNetwork’s CEO


October 23, 2015

Dear Customers, Agents and Partners,

We believe there’s a better way for Americans to find the right health insurance. And our mission is to create a more transparent health insurance ecosystem, by insisting on better business practices that benefit consumers.

Our Code of Conduct is unique to our industry. We put in place strict standards that limit our ability to maximize revenue, but ensure consumers have a transparent, unbiased experience and get the best plans for their needs. We now have over 15 million members that use our services across our family of websites and we believe our strong consumer adoption is based on our fundamental philosophies defined in our Code of Conduct.

Health insurance is vitally important in the lives of our members and we recognize the responsibility that comes with it. We are committed to providing the highest ethical standards and the deepest trust with all those we serve and to continue to build on our reputation into the future.

Because People Matter™


SPS Signature

Sean Sullivan

Founder and CEO, HealthNetwork


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