If You Live in One of These States, Today’s the Last Day to Buy Health Insurance


December 22, 2017

Open enrollment for 2018 health insurance ended on December 15 nationwide, but some states extended their enrollment deadlines, some well into January. Today, December 22, is the last day to choose a major medical plan in the following states: Connecticut, Idaho, Maryland and Vermont. The official end to this year’s signup season ends tonight at midnight local time in Connecticut, but the other three states have extended their deadlines in the last week for certain situations. Maryland residents must apply for and choose a plan by today.

In Idaho, those who started an application but failed to pick a health plan can do so through today. And in Vermont, people who started an application but met with technical problems – either via the customer service line or the state’s exchange website – can contact the state’s exchange to get help with finishing their application.

For other states with state-based exchanges, the deadline to sign up for major medical insurance in 2018 varies:

  • California (January 31)
  • Colorado (January 12)
  • District of Columbia (January 31)
  • Massachusetts (January 23)
  • Minnesota (January 14)
  • New York (January 31)
  • Rhode Island (December 31)
  • Washington (January 15)

If you live in California, you’ll have until January 31 to apply for coverage next year, but today’s the last day to choose a plan and have it start on January 1. The Golden State extended its deadline for coverage starting on January 1 by one week, which means you have a bit of extra time to get your plan in place for 2018 if you live in California.

Open enrollment ended for all other states on December 15. Unless you meet the qualifications for a special enrollment period – for things like marriage, birth, a move or job loss – you will not be able to get major medical coverage for 2018. Other health insurance options, such as short-term insurance or accident coverage, can still be purchased anytime. And if you qualify for Medicaid, you can enroll throughout the year.