Natural Healthy Ways To Reduce Wrinkles

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June 15, 2016

Simple Healthy Solutions To Reducing Wrinkles

In today’s society many people have become obsessed with aging, Botox, facelifts, and other plastic surgery anti-aging procedures have become every day occurrences. But if you are opposed to going under the knife or injecting your body with toxins there are healthy ways to fight wrinkles, and even better, they won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Below we will share some well known tips on anti-aging and some lesser known ways you can keep your skin looking healthy and reduce the aging effects of the sun, environmental factors, and dietary choices.

Sleep On Your Back

Many people know this simple tip, but just in case you aren’t aware already this is one of the easiest and most helpful simple tips you should know. Sleeping on your back is very important in preventing wrinkles. Sleeping on your side night after night, year after year can cause deeply etched wrinkles in your skin along the cheek and chin lines. These wrinkles don’t spring back after you’re awake and up and about. And though they may be barely noticeable at first, with time they become deeply etched in your top layers of skin. Sleeping on your stomach face down will have the same effect, it will give you that crows foot furrowed brow wrinkling.

Simply sleeping on your back will prevent those wrinkles from prematurely developing. For those who have difficulty sleeping on their back it will help if you use pillows on either side of you (one under each arm) and one under your legs to prevent turning on your side. It may take a few weeks or months to retrain your sleeping habits if you have the habit or tendency to turn to the side in your sleep, but eventually your body will adapt.

Dietary Helper

Salmon and other cold water fish is a healthy natural source of protein and Omega-3 fatty acids both of which are essential to a healthy diet. They are also a natural skin enhancer, naturally plumping the skin and helping to give it a youthful appearance while aiding in lessening conditions for the development of wrinkles. There are many antioxidant foods that contribute to vital healthy skin, but salmon is one of the most plentiful sources of antioxidant Omega-3.

Don’t Fight The Inevitable

As we start to get a little older most people suffer some vision loss, but for many people we seem to fight off getting that first pair of reading glasses, it somehow seems like defeat, oh no I’m getting “old”! Don’t fight the inevitable, it’s a natural process and all that squinting to try and read will make you appear much older than reading glasses ever will. Sunglasses are also important to wear when outside, they will not only protect your eyes and vision from harmful rays, but will keep you from that wrinkle causing squinting that can cause premature aging.

Take Advantage Of Alpha-Hydroxy Acid (AHA) Exfoliation

Alpha-hydroxy acids are nature’s version of a dermatological chemical peel; the natural acids of these AHAs will reduce the appearance of top layer fine lines and wrinkles and reduce the appearance of pores, more potent forms of AHAs may increase the production of collagen, a natural filler. As with any form of skin exfoliation the newly exposed skin will be sensitive to harmful ultraviolet sun rays, be sure to use plenty of SPF sun block to prevent new skin from sun damage, and which would defeat the purpose of exfoliating the skin to begin with.

Soap And Water Is Not Always Your Friend

With all we hear about the water coming from the tap these days there is more reason than ever to limit how often you wash your face. Tap water strips away the natural oils our skin produces that protect your skin from becoming dehydrated and wrinkling. And unless you are using soap with natural moisturizers you are just compounding the problem, using cream facial cleansers or gel to gently wipe away dirt, make-up or debris is a much better way of cleansing yet preserving your skin.

Soy Is Not Just On The Menu

In the recent years of dermatological studies soy has been found to have protective and healing properties for the skin when applied directly to the skin or taken as a supplement. It has shown that soy can improve skin tone, structure, firmness and even repair damage from the sun.

Cocoa Is Not Just For Kids

Coffee has been found to have some wonderful preventative properties, but research has shown that cocoa also has two high level antioxidants that can increase blood flow to skin cells, improve hydration, protect the skin from damaging UVA rays, and improve the appearance and texture of your skin making it feel smoother. Swap out one of your cups of morning coffee for a delicious cup of cocoa and enjoy both benefits for your health and skin, as well as your taste buds.

Care For And Protect Your Skin

Caring for your skin daily will keep it healthy and looking youthful longer, below are some daily skin care tips:

  • Apply sunscreen daily before applying make-up
  • Purchase foundation make-up that contains sunscreen
  • Keep your skin hydrated by drinking ample amounts of water each day
  • Moisturize your skin twice daily (at minimum)
  • Avoid the sun directly on your face, wear a hat that shades your entire face
  • Wear clothing that has sun protection
  • Do not smoke or be nearby to someone who is, second hand smoke can damage your skin too
  • Use gentle soap with moisturizers to wash your skin and face