People today are making big changes in their eating and exercise regimens in order to live a healthier lifestyle and improve their physical and emotional well being. But you shouldn’t stop there, maintaining a healthy home environment is just as important as your diet and exercise regimen. If you’re asking yourself what a healthy home… Continue Reading ›

Dear Customers, Agents and Partners, We believe there’s a better way for Americans to find the right health insurance. And our mission is to create a more transparent health insurance ecosystem, by insisting on better business practices that benefit consumers. Our Code of Conduct is unique to our industry. We put in place strict standards… Continue Reading ›

The Affordable Care Act requires most Americans to have health insurance or pay a penalty fee, but you might wonder whether health insurance extends to products like dental and vision coverage. Under the new law, major medical insurance includes coverage for things like preventive care, rehabilitative treatments, maternity services and pediatric care. With so many… Continue Reading ›