Is Sex THE Reason Men Should Incorporate Yoga into Their Healthy Lifestyle?

Healthy Living

January 9, 2016

Now that I have your attention, let’s just skip right over the fact that most yoga classes are filled with lots of fit and healthy females in tight fitting outfits, that typically there are about 5 women to every man in a yoga class, and we will not even mention the benefits of that fact for you single guys out there. Let’s stick strictly to the health benefits and the reasons every man should be attending yoga classes or learning how to practice yoga in one manner of instruction or another – private lessons, books, videos, etc. Yoga can benefit men in the following ways and just to keep your attention; SEX is first on the list, but there’s a lot more:

What Yoga Can Do For Men

  • Improve Your Sexual Performance – The concentration, relaxation and breathing techniques utilized in yoga can actually improve your sexual performance. Becoming adept at focusing your mind and energy can help you to be a more sensitive and aware sexual partner, as well as help to prevent premature ejaculation. This in turn can lead to extended sexual endurance, which for most women is the key to orgasm, being more focused and increased sexual endurance will definitely help you get her where she wants to be.
  • Calms Your Senses – An essential part of yoga is breathing, the yoga breathing exercises called pranayama were developed over thousands of years specifically to calm and tame the senses to help us rid our mind of the endless stream of thoughts most of us have running around in our heads. For most men a yoga class before or after a busy day at the office can work miracles in their busy hectic life, or many men committing to an hour long yoga class is often the only way to get them to decompress and breathe properly, through concentration on breathing and with each asana pose this technique can bring the calm to you that can last your entire day.
  • Helps You Achieve Your Goals – Most yoga instructors will ask you to set a goal for that yoga session or in some other area of your life you would like to change. Verbalizing that goal in your head is a principal of yoga used to help us identify things we want in our lives or don’t want such as I will not stress over work during this one hour class. When you become successful in this technique you will naturally begin to employ it outside of the yoga class, it is a successful technique in learning to know what we want in our lives and actually changing them.
  • Sculpts and Tones Muscles – The long extended yoga poses that include using your own body weight to do push ups, squats and leg lifts allows you to build tone, mass and strength in your muscles that increases with each class you take. The results of yoga over time are toned, well worked muscle groups that look and feel great.
  • Increases Your Flexibility – The various series of physical postures, called asanas, in yoga include spinal twists which helps to loosen the joints in your spine promoting more flexibility. Being more flexible gives you more range of motion which can make an improvement in any sports that you might play such as golf, tennis, basketball, baseball or any sport that involves swinging or twisting motions. The spinal twists in yoga also acts as a detoxifying agent, the gentle twists helps your body to purge itself of toxins and aids in digestion.
  • Relieves Stress – Men typically do not employ the emotional releases that most women utilize when they are stressed out (talking with their girlfriends about their troubles, having a good cry sometimes, etc.) but everyone needs to find a healthy way to relieve stress. Punching a gym bag can often just lead to fatigue or more aggression and weight lifting can even be dangerous if your mind is distracted with worries which could result in injury. Yoga on the other hand trains your mind to relax and be present in the moment. The relaxation techniques help you to look at the bigger scheme of things in life and to act from a calmer place in your mind, rather reacting in anger or haste. Taking thirty, sixty, or ninety minutes of your day to just unplug from all the daily stresses in life and ringing cell phones is highly beneficial too.
  • Helps Prevent Injury – Typically yoga classes begin with the philosophic reminder to honor your body’s needs and limits each day. This is a principal of yoga, learning to assess your own body and limitations you might be feeling on that particular day, this technique can help reduce the chances of your injuring yourself when partaking in other physical activities and should injury occur stretched, more flexible muscles will heal faster.
  • Yoga Can Replace Your Cardio Workout – Once you are familiar with the yoga asanas find a class that challenges your physical abilities. The non stop movements and extended holds of classes with Vinyasa, Power, or Flow in the title will get your cardio work out in while building whole-body lean, toned muscle groups.
  • Reduces Body Odor – Yoga is very effective in eliminating waste and toxins in your body, exhaling and perspiring during a yoga class will actually sweeten the smell of your sweat as your body rids itself of the toxins in your body, your pheromones will be more enticing than any cologne or aftershave!