The healthcare industry is a labyrinth. Attempting to navigate the system, what to do about rising costs and how to buy health insurance — to name a few things — can feel like wading through a muddy river full of snakes. (Yikes.) We won’t pretend that we understand all the ins and outs of the… Continue Reading ›

Open enrollment for major medical insurance ended on December 15th for most of the country. Unless you live in one of the handful of states with longer enrollment periods, that means you won’t be able to get Obamacare health insurance until next November if you missed the signup period. But it doesn’t mean you can’t… Continue Reading ›

4 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Health Insurance Shopping for health insurance during open enrollment for 2019? Good. You should be. But maybe you’re like a lot of people and find the process overwhelming. With so many plans available on the market from different insurers, it can be tough to know what to… Continue Reading ›

In 2009, the Obama administration dedicated $27 billion to promoting electronic health records (EHRs) among American healthcare providers. Ten years later, plenty of providers have adopted the technology, but neither doctors nor patients are entirely sold on a system that’s rife with problems and can lead to sometimes deadly mistakes. Even former President Obama himself… Continue Reading ›

As the holidays arrive, your first thoughts are likely more family, presents and parties! than health insurance. If you don’t have coverage through work, though, this would be a good time to move insurance to the top of your holiday to-do list. Feeling secure about your health insurance for next year will help you enjoy… Continue Reading ›