What are the New Guidelines on Mammograms The American Cancer Society just recently changed their guidelines on breast cancer screening recommendations, which have tremendous influence on how often doctors order mammograms for women and may even have an effect on how often insurance companies will pay for them. These changes are causing a lot of… Continue Reading ›

Over the past fifty years or so America’s obsession with weight loss has steadily grown, and sadly so has American waistlines. As of 2006 Americans had made diet and weight-loss products a $35 billion dollar a year industry, according to CBS News correspondent Sharyn Alfonsi. By 2012 weight-loss product sales had increased to an estimated… Continue Reading ›

Coconut oil is making big news these days, it has recently been classified as a “superfood” but the incredible benefits of coconut oil don’t stop there, coconut oil has so many more wonderful properties and uses. Although a long list could be produced of the many uses and benefits of coconut oil, for the purposes… Continue Reading ›

How Healthcare Delivery is Changing The face of healthcare is changing in America, somewhat in part due to Affordable Care Act, but the delivery system of healthcare has been inching towards yesteryear for some time now. Yes, I did say yesteryear, do you remember the TV drama Marcus Welby M.D. where the kindly, all knowing… Continue Reading ›

ACOs a New Model of Health Care The Obama administration through the ACA (Affordable Care Act) has commenced a shift from the Medicare model that rewarded hospitals for volume to the new policy that now incentivizes hospitals, doctors, specialists and other healthcare providers to share responsibility for first and foremost better quality healthcare outcomes for… Continue Reading ›