There’s a lot of uncertainty about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) right now, and that is forcing many people to consider their alternatives. As of December 2017, the individual mandate is still in effect, which means that you could get hit with a tax penalty if your coverage is not part of an ACA-compliant plan…. Continue Reading ›

While millions of Americans get their health insurance through Obamacare, millions more choose to remain uninsured. Many people choose to find health insurance outside of open enrollment by selecting non-Obamacare health plans. Those plans often include ancillary products such as dental, vision, short-term health plans and hospital indemnity insurance. Although ancillary products on their own… Continue Reading ›

Because of new rules and regulations, the health insurance industry is always changing. At times, people find themselves in between major long-term insurance plans as a result of these constant changes. This is when gap or short term insurance can be useful. However, when is short-term coverage a good idea? Below is some important information… Continue Reading ›

Being self-employed gives you the freedom and flexibility to set your own hours, work at your own pace and be your own boss. Unfortunately, self-employment also means lack of a steady income, no sick or vacation days, and no employer-provided health benefits. The federal government requires that everyone have health insurance or face an IRS… Continue Reading ›

Short term health insurance is designed to provide an affordable option while you are moving from one life event to another. This may be a job loss, recent college graduation, divorce or as you age off of your parents’ health insurance. You do not have to be in an open enrollment period to purchase a… Continue Reading ›

It’s Time to Get Creative About Your Health Insurance As an artist, writer, photographer or other creative professional, you may love the freedom you have working for yourself and building a solid portfolio. But as a freelancer, you already deal with unpredictable income, which can make it difficult to budget properly. Unfortunately, the fact that… Continue Reading ›

Buying or Bundling Alternative Health Insurance Products Could Save You Money Finding and enrolling in an affordable health insurance plan is a challenging and perplexing process. The Affordable Care Act requires you to enroll in a qualifying health insurance plan or face a monetary penalty. The ACA alone makes it difficult enough to figure out… Continue Reading ›

Looking for Insurance? How to Get Covered as an Independent Contractor Freelancers made up over a third of the U.S. workforce in 2014, and that percentage is likely to grow as workers branch out into independent territory. Even people who are working in brick-and-mortar businesses, like hairdressers, tattoo artists, taxi drivers or baristas, may work… Continue Reading ›

Can’t Afford Major Medical Insurance? You Can Still Get Covered. With medical costs skyrocketing and the never-ending uncertainty surrounding the future of Obamacare, many Americans are foregoing enrolling in major medical health insurance plans. Millions of people in the U.S. just can’t afford rising monthly premiums and out-of-pocket expenses. Because medical costs are astronomical in… Continue Reading ›

One of the most popular ancillary coverages offered by health insurance companies, and one that is the most requested by employees, is dental insurance. At the end of 2016, about 66 percent of Americans had dental benefits. However, there are many different dental plans, each with its own set of pros and cons. Before choosing… Continue Reading ›