Health Benefit Insurance & Short Term Health Insurance Plans – An Affordable Coverage Option For Some, Not All One of the biggest gripes of both insurance carriers and insured people is that major medical health insurance coverage just costs too much. We have heard it a million times by now from frustrated Americans, if health… Continue Reading ›

Updated July 21st, 2018 If you need temporary health insurance, also known as short term health insurance, then you probably know that short-term coverage comes with some pretty significant drawbacks. It doesn’t count as major medical insurance, so you won’t be protected from the penalty fee for not having coverage under the Affordable Care Act…. Continue Reading ›

Short term health insurance has surged in popularity over the years, even as the Affordable Care Act made traditional major medical insurance more accessible and more affordable. These temporary policies make sense in certain situations. If you’re about to graduate from college, travel as part of a humanitarian aid group or change jobs, short-term coverage… Continue Reading ›

The landscape of the American healthcare industry has changed over the past five years primarily due to new regulations under the Affordable Care Act. You have more options for health insurance today than you did in 2010, but having more choices doesn’t always mean that the choice is easy. For some people, getting a major… Continue Reading ›