For several months, it was impossible to purchase romaine lettuce or any products containing romaine due to a multi-state E. coli outbreak linked to the product. Recently, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that the outbreak appears to be over. Outbreak Details According to the CDC, 62 people were infected with the… Continue Reading ›

Good dental health starts well before your kids have teeth. Even sans those pearly whites, babies have gums that can develop gingivitis and other problems if you’re not careful. And because kids imitate the grownups in their lives, setting a good example for how to brush your teeth – and what tools to use –… Continue Reading ›

Bullying has become a significant problem, but it’s not a new one. About one in every three or four kids is bullied in the U.S. The fear that your child might be bullied isn’t an unfounded one, and it’s one shared among millions of parents. But there’s a flipside to the bullying debacle, a fear… Continue Reading ›

Following a healthy diet doesn’t mean having boring food choices. A lot of foods and recipes include healthy ingredients and are also quite tasty. For your favorite indulgences, it’s often possible to find an alternative food that satisfies your craving for something sweet or savory. If there’s not, a little splurge here and there likely… Continue Reading ›

Bullying isn’t a rare occurrence. About 25 to 33 percent of kids in America are bullied at some point during their school years – that’s one out of every three or four kids. This grim statistic might make you think twice about sending your kids out into the world, but that’s not a practical option…. Continue Reading ›

Good heart health depends on what you feed your body on a regular basis. While a major contributor to heart health is exercise, fuel – in the form of your regular diet – matters, too. You might know that the American Heart Association recommends lowfat dairy products and a diet rich in low-sodium, natural whole… Continue Reading ›

Lunch Ideas for Your Kids (That Aren’t Sandwiches) Sandwiches may seem like an easy lunch option for busy parents, but their simplicity comes at a price. While sandwiches provide a quick solution for getting kids out the door with enough food for the day, they can fall short of nutritional needs. Plus, they’re boring. Eating… Continue Reading ›

After drawn-out legal proceedings with the Justice Department, CVS Health and Aetna have finally agreed to a gigantic $69 billion merger deal. provided that the companies divest part of the business prior to officially merging. This merger is the most recent in a spate of huge health insurance and health provider buyouts and mergers, which… Continue Reading ›