When maladies strike, you might find relief on a grocery store shelf, and we’re not just talking about the pharmacy aisles. Many varieties of herbal tea are praised for their healing properties. Whether you have an upset tummy, a scratchy throat or a pounding head, a cup of tea could be the solution. If you’re… Continue Reading ›

It seems like kids and dirt just go together. Dirt piles and mud puddles beckon children to come and play. Before you know it, they end up covered head to toe in dirt.  And as you stain-treat shirts and mop muddy footprints, you might wonder what you were thinking when you set your children loose… Continue Reading ›

Alcohol always carries an addiction risk. What starts as casual drinking can evolve into something more complicated. Unhealthy drinking strains your body, your mind and your relationships. And while an occasional glass isn’t likely to do long-term damage for most, sometimes even occasional drinking can turn into a bigger issue for some people. But how… Continue Reading ›

Spring has arrived! And while the weather is in flux in many parts of the country, in some places it can feel downright balmy. As the temperature creeps ever upward, you might be tempted to go for a swim. One sunny day doesn’t justify a jump in the lake, though.  The water temperature probably won’t… Continue Reading ›

Your guts are a mess and your bathroom habits are out of whack. Could it be irritable bowel syndrome, aka IBS? Maybe. Lots of people suffer from IBS. And your recent influx of tummy troubles and less-than-pleasant bathroom trips could be signs pointing to an obvious diagnosis. But not so fast. IBS isn’t a single… Continue Reading ›

It’s National Public Health Week! Did you forget? Or maybe you didn’t realize that it’s a thing. That’s okay. Public health doesn’t usually grab headlines on a day-to-day basis. That said, it’s an important field full of people doing good work. Over the last year in particular, you might’ve heard more about public health and… Continue Reading ›

Spring cleaning season has arrived. Sweeping and scrubbing may not make your list of warm-weather fun, but these activities can pay big dividends for your home, your body and your mind.  And with a cleaning plan on your side, getting the house ready for spring might be less challenging than expected. The Health Benefits of… Continue Reading ›

If your intestines seem continually plagued by gas, constipation, diarrhea or bloating, you might be willing to do whatever it takes to fix the problem. For some people, trying a low FODMAP diet can be the key to finding relief from these troublesome symptoms. This strict elimination diet can be a challenge, but it’s not… Continue Reading ›

You may have noticed that the milk case at your grocery store is full of more interesting options lately. In larger chains and specialty stores especially, plant-based milk alternatives seem almost as common as their mammal-based counterparts. With so many options available, it can be hard to decide which type of milk to toss in… Continue Reading ›

When allergy season rolls around, it can seem like nearly everyone you meet is plagued with watery eyes and steady sneezing. And because you’re not afflicted with these classic allergy symptoms, you might think you’re immune to seasonal changes. Think again. Not all allergy sufferers experience the same symptoms.  Plus, allergies can take many forms…. Continue Reading ›