The food choices we make today will have a big impact on our health tomorrow. Good health starts in the kitchen. Combining a nutrient-rich diet with physical activity plays a major role in maintaining a healthy weight, reducing the risk for heart disease and improving your overall wellbeing. How Diet Affects Your Health “You are… Continue Reading ›

How much food should be on your plate at mealtime? What’s the right portion size? “Portion” is actually one of those words that doesn’t have an exact meaning. When nutritionists or dieticians speak about food, they’re more apt to use the term “serving size,” which is a measure that does have a quantitative basis because… Continue Reading ›

4 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Health Insurance Shopping for health insurance during open enrollment for 2019? Good. You should be. But maybe you’re like a lot of people and find the process overwhelming. With so many plans available on the market from different insurers, it can be tough to know what to… Continue Reading ›

Yes, You Still Need to Floss – Here’s Why Back in 2016, a report made waves by claiming that flossing wasn’t necessarily that helpful. This was interpreted by many outside the dental community to mean flossing wasn’t necessary at all. But that’s not really accurate. There is evidence that flossing does have a beneficial effect,… Continue Reading ›

In 2009, the Obama administration dedicated $27 billion to promoting electronic health records (EHRs) among American healthcare providers. Ten years later, plenty of providers have adopted the technology, but neither doctors nor patients are entirely sold on a system that’s rife with problems and can lead to sometimes deadly mistakes. Even former President Obama himself… Continue Reading ›

Older adults who have caregivers at home or close to them who can assist them during recovery after joint replacement may recover more quickly at home than in a rehabilitation center. A study released by the Journal of Arthroplasty in 2017 found that complication rates were no different after six months between patients who remained… Continue Reading ›