Senator Chris Murphy, a Democrat from Connecticut, recently stated in an article by Vox that healthcare was the most important issue in the United States. Sen. Murphy and Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore) are proposing legislation that would allow employers and individuals to obtain healthcare coverage through Medicare. Murphy’s claim that healthcare is the number one… Continue Reading ›

Centene Corporation announced on April 24 that its first-quarter profit more than doubled. One of the largest insurance companies in the Obamacare business, Centene attributed its growth to market stabilization, an increase in members and lower costs out of its Medicaid division. Centene is the country’s largest provider of individual healthcare plans under the Affordable… Continue Reading ›

Medicare is considered an entitlement because most Americans get Medicare part A (the part that covers hospitalization) for free when they turn 65 years old. Medicare part B (the part that covers doctor visits) is usually a companion of part A, but seniors pay a monthly premium for their Medicare part B. Medicare part D… Continue Reading ›

If you are just aging into medicare eligibility now, or if you are already enrolled but unsure if your current benefits are including everything they should, you might have questions with regard to what medicare covers under Part A and Part B for 2018. Below we break out in detail everything that is included with… Continue Reading ›

Many Americans look forward to their 65th birthday because it means they are eligible to get healthcare through Medicare. For people who were previously buying health insurance through the marketplace, the prospects of a cheaper healthcare is exciting. The question that many of these newly aged-in seniors have is how to transition from Obamacare on… Continue Reading ›

If you worked and paid Medicare taxes for at least ten years of your life, you’re entitled to a zero-premium Medicare Part A, which means you only have to pay for Medicare Part B in order to receive Medicare coverage. Although these premium rates are typically more affordable than individual plans available to the under… Continue Reading ›

Lost Your Medicare Card? Here’s How To Get A New Card Issued – Updated For 2018 As much as you try to safeguard your Medicare card, sometimes they do get damaged, misplaced, stolen, or worn and need to be replaced. Sometimes these cards become so worn and faded that healthcare providers can no longer read… Continue Reading ›

Spring offers a breath of literal fresh air as more people head outside after months of cold confinement during winter. If you’re one of the many who enjoy this much-needed seasonal shift, then you’re probably also wondering how to make the most of warmer weather and longer, sunnier days. From outdoor activities to a boost… Continue Reading ›