If you have TRICARE benefits and you’re turning 65 soon, you might be wondering how your current coverage works with Medicare. Are they compatible? Who pays first? And what about Medicare Advantage? You might also get stacks of mailers as your 65th birthday approaches, trying to sell you on the idea of Medicare Advantage. These… Continue Reading ›

When you give something away to people in need or lend a hand in general, you feel good. Really good. Why is that? Some people refer to this effect as the “helper’s high.” Doing good in the world makes you feel good, which makes you want to keep doing it. In other words, when you… Continue Reading ›

In a normal year, you might be counting down the days until your summer vacation. But this is no normal year. That said, you might still be trying to decide whether it’s worth it to head out of town for some much-needed R&R. And if you have to travel for work or other reasons, you… Continue Reading ›

Last year, we published an article comparing medicine and healthcare in colonial America to the healthcare system of today in honor of July 4th.  It’s probably a no-brainer that medicine in the 21st century looks completely different from what it did at the dawn of the American Revolution. Today, we have effective treatments, standards in… Continue Reading ›

As you prep for Independence Day and a full day of celebrations, you’ve probably got plenty on your safety checklist already. From fireworks to water woes, there are lots of summertime dangers just itching to be invited to the picnic. Some, like mosquitoes, show up without an invitation no matter how many citronella candles you… Continue Reading ›

As we head into July, health insurance might be the last thing on your mind — if it even makes the list. With four months to go until open enrollment for marketplace coverage and half a year left with your current plan, you probably haven’t given that insurance you bought last fall much thought. That… Continue Reading ›