Though all humans share an underlying physiology, some diseases affect people differently and in greater number. Case in point? Black Americans are affected by diseases like diabetes, hypertension and various pulmonary conditions at rates that are 20 to 60% higher than white Americans. Cancer rates are also higher, as are death rates from cancer. And… Continue Reading ›

Now that we’re a month into the new year, you’ve probably cleared your cabinets of holiday favorites to make room for better, more nutritious fare. Great job! But there’s always a reason to eat junk, right? Just as we start to declutter from the holiday feast-fest and get back to normal, the Big Football Game… Continue Reading ›

A fresh start to the year means a fresh start to your home. It’s time to pack away the holiday decor, sweep out the nooks and crannies and get settled into a new routine for keeping your home clean. And if one of your resolutions was to be a little kinder to the environment this… Continue Reading ›

The healthcare industry is a labyrinth. Attempting to navigate the system, what to do about rising costs and how to buy health insurance — to name a few things — can feel like wading through a muddy river full of snakes. (Yikes.) We won’t pretend that we understand all the ins and outs of the… Continue Reading ›

We’re halfway into January and you’re motivated to slim down, get in shape and get healthier. Go you! There’s just one problem: your knees. Whether it’s from age, a medical condition or excess weight — or a combination thereof — your knees have been holding you back on living your best life in 2020. Alas…. Continue Reading ›

If you have Medicare, then you probably know that open enrollment happens in the fall because you’re inundated with advertisements for Medicare Advantage plans. But you might also have started seeing ads in the last few weeks about a separate enrollment period. It’s called the Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period, a relatively new addition to… Continue Reading ›

Young tobacco users got an unpleasant surprise for the holidays in 2019: Just before Christmas, lawmakers raised the federal age to buy tobacco products from 18 to 21. It’s a significant change, one designed in part to curb smoking in older teenagers and prevent children from picking up a bad habit before they even leave… Continue Reading ›

Open enrollment for major medical insurance ended on December 15th for most of the country. Unless you live in one of the handful of states with longer enrollment periods, that means you won’t be able to get Obamacare health insurance until next November if you missed the signup period. But it doesn’t mean you can’t… Continue Reading ›